In 1983, a small group of people crowded into an unfinished basement in a house on Valacamp Ave in Warren, Ohio. Their mission was simple - spark a move of God that would reach a city. They were pioneers.

34 years later, Believers Church stands on the verge of a new season. We're ready to pioneer again, and the first city that God has etched into our hearts is Boardman, Ohio!

Want to be a part? We are looking for people who are hungry and ready to write the next chapter of our church, blazing a trail to see the next city connected with God! Maybe you're from Mahoning County, and you've been waiting for BC to expand for years. Or maybe you just have a heart to help.

Whichever category you fall into, sign up & our Campus Pastor, Graham Cathers, would love to share the vision behind our core team and help you find your fit!

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August 27 = BC Boardman Open House


Upcoming Events

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