November 5, 2018

Change My Mind

Our new weekend series! Click here for all the details. 

The Bible makes a pretty bold statement, ‘“As a man thinks, so is He.”  In other words, what we think shapes what we do and who we are. That can be a pretty scary concept because our thoughts sometimes go to dark places we’d never want to go!  We wonder if that's really who we are. But have no fear, because our new series CHANGE MY MIND is designed to do just that - help us change our minds. We'll talk about the battle we have to fight to think God's thoughts, and how to replace negative and destructive thinking with the mind of Christ.

Boardman Weekend Experiences

Sundays @ 9am &10:45am

Warren Weekend Experiences

Saturdays @ 5pm

Sundays @ 9am &10:45am 

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